Explaining Clean Energy, Green Race; Bogota DC. Photo: Juan Daniel Correa

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Enabling Environment

USAID is building the capacity of energy sector institutions to formulate and implement renewable energy (RE) projects and energy efficiency (EE) investment, promote policies to use public funds for rural energization, and leverage private sector investment.


  • Implementation of a Tax Incentive Regulation encouraging $630 million in clean energy investments from the private sector. Exemptions in Value Added Tax added up to $113 million during the first three years of implementation.
  • Partnered with over 100 public and private agencies and institutions, leveraging over $10.5 million in public and private funding thru March 2016.
  • Four Departments (Nariño, Tolima, Guajira and Chocó) designed Departmental Sustainable Rural Energization Plans (PERS). New PERS are under varying stages of design in 7 departments under a national PERS strategy led institutionally by UPME.
  • Supported the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG) in the design of the tariff resolution for off grid areas incorporating RE.
  • Provided technical support to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME) to design, regulate and implement the new Renewable Energy Law 1715/2014, including additional tax incentives.
  • Developed a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based RE resource mapping and cost analysis methodology to improve energy planning and the new tariff methodology for energy services in Off-Grid Zones (ZNI).


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