Jawapiakat community gathered around the solor system; Uribia, Guajira. Photo: Hanz Rippe Gabriel

Expanding Access to Renewable Energy Sources in Off-Grid or Under-served Areas

USAID is stimulating the development of sustainable RE projects in rural communities through technical assistance and project implementation.  USAID works on clean energy projects for communities in Chocó, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, La Guajira, and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, serving vulnerable groups such as indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.


  • Solar and manual water pumping systems for 38 indigenous communities in La Guajira. Project implemented with Fundación Cerrejón Guajira Indígena.
  • Renewable energy systems installed for education and health centers in the Kogi indigenous village, San Antonio, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, benefiting over 300 children and staff.
  • Clean Energy systems for 14 Rural Indigenous Educative Centers in Antioquia. The project was implemented in partnership with Empresas Públicas de Medellín and the Departmental Government.
  • Solar powered refrigeration for the community of Punta Bonita (Río Cajambre – Buenaventura) to support the fishery value-chain that will create income opportunities for more than 300 families.
  • First hybrid solar/diesel power system with private sector investment set up for 140 households in the ZNI village of Punta Soldado (Buenaventura), in partnership with EPSA electricity company.


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