Pedaling to draw water at the Mulamana community; Maicao.

USAID is working to increase access to renewable energy sources and improve energy efficient practices in Colombia. With a five-year, $18.6 million budget, USAID’s clean energy investment supports the Presidential Initiative on Climate Change and Enhancing Capacity – Low Emissions Development Strategy.

USAID partners with the Government of Colombia’s energy entities, municipal governments, local community organizations, municipal organizations, and the private sector to achieve clean energy goals.

These efforts include an innovative Incentive Fund to promote investment in community-scale renewables and energy efficiency projects. The Incentive Fund supports activities that improve access to modern energy services for underserved populations, and promote household and community scale renewable technologies, including micro-grids for electrification, lighting, and more efficient productive energy use.

USAID works with the Colombian Government to develop policies that promote renewable energy in the off-grid zones, which comprise about 60 percent of the country’s territory, and increased investment in energy efficient technologies. The Program is working in the Pacific region, La Guajira and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where USAID focuses on serving vulnerable populations such as indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities.


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